GRCA Points of Unity

The following version of the Points of Unity uses language that the Shifting Power Committee and GRCA Board has simplified in an attempt to make the content more accessible. It has not been officially voted on by membership.

Youth are powerful and capable leaders. Our goal is to prioritize and honor their leadership.

Our movement uses music, art, and creative expression to raise our voices and the voices of those who have been told to be silent. We use these tools on purpose because they are accessible, community-based, collaborative, and political.

Our work is political. We work to end oppression and we know it does not affect us all in the same ways. This work is best done when we are led by people who experience and understand oppression.

Gender is more complex than many of us were taught. Trans and gender non-conforming people laid the groundwork for many movements, including this one. They have and will always belong here. Our work must prioritize those who experience discrimination because of their gender identity and expression.

The movement must be accessible to all, in order for it to succeed. We try to make sure everyone has what they need to do this work.

We can all be leaders. Sharing power and leadership makes our movement stronger.

Our work must be able to change and evolve, even when it is uncomfortable. We are always learning how to challenge oppression and how to care for each other better.

We are not alone and we collaborate beyond borders. Our membership is our power. We come from around the world and we hear each other’s needs and struggles. We must work with each other and other liberation movements.

It is our job to care about each other. We do better work for our youth when we care and feel cared for.

We must all take responsibility for our actions and words. It is powerful to be able to change and grow when we hurt others. We can teach each other and learn together.

The joy of music and friendship fuels our movement. It is an important tool to help us create the type of world we want to live in.