Girls Rock Camp Alliance


The Girls Rock Camp Alliance exists to unite, develop, and support its member organizations. The most important way that the GRCA provides support for members is through organizing the annual Girls Rock Camp Alliance Conference each spring.

This conference offers unique opportunities for growth, leadership, and collective movement building by providing workshops, assemblies, caucuses, and collaborative and collective learning.

For more information, check out our Conference Information Packet!


Conference 2020

Des Moines, IA


We will be hosting the 2020 conference in Des Moines, Iowa!

We're happy to announce that after much work, organizing, and collaboration between the GRCA Board, the incomparably talented, thoughtful, and organized Mel Hsu, the folks at Girls Rock!Des Moines, we will be moving conference for 2020 to Des Moines, Iowa in the United States!


April 23- 26, 2020


Camp Sunnyside

401 NE 66th Ave

Des Moines, IA 50313, USA


Conference 2021-2023


Looking forward…

We are now looking to find a home for the 2021-2023 conference cycle. With the feedback and support of our conference moving committee and collaborators, we've decided to extend the Request for Proposal deadline to the 17th of October, 2019. We want to help anyone interested by providing as much support as we can, every step of the way. Let's build this movement together!

Here is the full Information Sheet about Requests for Proposals.

If you can imagine the conference in your community, email and we can walk you through our needs, expectations, and any other questions you might have!


Be Prepared!



Conference is scent-free, so as you pack for conference this year, please consider that we are completely scent-free! We will be providing scent-free soaps and shampoos in all bathrooms/showers, and you can learn more about how scent-free spaces increase access for folks in this article

The weather in Des Moines at that time of year is expected to be a cool, and around 18-25 degrees celsius (64-74 degrees fahrenheit). So pack layers, and bring water-resistant shoes if you can! The showers are all shared, so if you want flip-flops for the shower, bring those too! 
To reduce waste, please consider bringing reusable water bottles and coffee cups as well! 
Here's a handy cartoon to help: 

packing 1.jpg
adjusted second page comic.png
packing 3.jpg


The GRCA conference committee recognizes ways that conference has been structurally and physically inaccessible in past years. This conference uses a mix of spaces with varying accessibility. This year, as we work to make to the conference more accessible to everyone, we will try to be transparent about the space and limitations. Our work towards accessibility is a work in progress and we commit to it actively! We are happy to work with you to make sure the workshops, meetings, meals, lodging, and caucuses are in rooms you can access comfortably! Please e-mail with any access needs or concerns you may have.

Check out our full accessibility information here!

 Give us your feedback!

Help us get better by providing your feedback on your experience at conference and at sessions. Paper copies will also be available.

together volunteer.png


Our movement is built on the ethos of doing things together! we will have volunteer opportunities again in 2020, so watch for the chance to sign up as we come closer to the conference!


As a member of the Roadie Crew you will check in with facilitators during your time slot and make sure they have all the paper, markers, tape, chairs, AV equipment, etc. that they need, and be available to help troubleshoot any problems that the facilitators may have. Please express your interest here, we will confirm your assignment closer to the conference.


These folks will be helping document the magic of the conference, and share content with folks who are not able to attend. Duties include taking photos and video of assemblies, workshops, meet ups and more.

Accessibility Access Crew

The Accessibility Action Crew & the Shifting Power Committee will collaboratively work towards a more accessible GRCA conference. On the ground, the Accessibility Action Crew will make signs, make sure there are enough chairs in workshops, check supplies of scent-free shampoo and soap in bathrooms, etc. One or two folks may be asked to fill out an accessibility audit created by the Shifting Power Committee as well.

Set-up, Take-down, Kitchen

The GRCA needs help with lots of things throughout the weekend to make sure that people get fed, things get set up, and our work can go as smoothly as possible. We will have signup sheets for the Kitchen (helping with prep, helping with dishes, helping to serve meals) for each meal during the weekend. When you arrive, make sure to sign up for a shift, so that together we are taking care of ourselves and each other! 

More information on last year’s GRCA Conference: