Girls Rock Camp Alliance

The GRCA is Hiring and Conference is Moving!

We are eager for the possibilities this move will offer our movement, and committed to moving with intention and mindfulness, together. In order to do this, we have created an Expression of Interest form for organizations and people who are interested in hosting conference in their town or city in 2020, and/or in the years following. For more information and access to the Expression of Interest forms, please see the Information Sheet below.
Expressions of Interest for the 2020 Conference are due Monday, June 24th: 5PM EST
Expressions of Interest for the 2021-2023 Conference are due Thursday, August 15th: 5PM EST.  

Post-Conference Updates

Stay up to date on all that was our 2019 Conference!

Conference Notes

This year, Notes from Movement Day Sessions and Workshop Sessions are accessible to anyone online.

If you couldn’t attend conference and want to learn more about what happened in a session, you can check out the notes!

To access the session notes, click on the name of the session you would like to review. As always, Caucuses and Breakout sessions are private.

Joy Is a Revolutionary Force!

The Girls Rock Camp Alliance is an international membership network of youth-centered arts and social justice organizations. We provide resources and space for community building to our membership in order to build a strong movement for collective liberation.


Annual Conference

The Girls Rock Camp Alliance exists to unite, develop, and support its member organizations. The most important method of support the GRCA provides for member organizations is the Girls Rock Camp Alliance Conference, which takes place every spring.


Member Organizations

The GRCA network is made-up of over 90 organizations all over the world! Most of these organizations hold annual summer rock camps and many have expanded their programming to include year-round programs and events.



Becoming a GRCA member aligns your program with a network of rock camps and community projects that share similar values and goals. The GRCA is not a franchise organization or an organization that has one model for rock camps or other programs. All of our members have started their organizations independently, and all function somewhat differently.


membership Benefits

Benefits of joining GRCA include networking, curriculum sharing, training, development assistance, camper referrals, and the opportunity to participate as a member at the GRCA’s annual conference, which brings together representatives from camps and like-minded programs from around the world. Being a full member of the GRCA also means you have a vote at the annual member meeting, can elect board members, set GRCA yearly priorities, and help shape the direction of the GRCA. Our members are our greatest strength, and bring voices, ideas, and energy from all over the world.

member dues

The GRCA depends on membership dues to achieve our goals and support all of our members! Each member organization pays yearly dues to belong to the GRCA and maintain good standing with the organization. Membership dues are on a sliding scale! Payment plans are available for monthly or quarterly payments.

becoming a member

If you have not already, contact the Member Engagement Committee at explaining a little bit about your organization, where you are located, and what programming you offer or plan to offer.

membership commitments

We are a member-based and member-led organization, and we are only strong and effective if we have the involvement and investment of our members. We are committed to making participation in the GRCA as accessible and reasonable as possible for our members. We recognize that financial and geographical challenges are a reality for many of our members, and are dedicated to providing multiple ways to engage and communicate with the GRCA.


we transcend borders

Our movement transcends state, national and international borders. The GRCA connects local organizing to an international movement. 

join the movement

The GRCA is built on the local organizing and programmatic work of our members. Becoming a member of the GRCA aligns your program with a network of rock camps and community projects that share similar values and goals.


The Girls Rock Camp Alliance is a 501(c)(3) non-profit in the U.S.

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