Caucus Advisory Council

What does the Caucus Advisory Council do?

The Caucus Advisory Council:

● Works with the board, particularly the Shifting Power Committee, on creating year-round caucus spaces, planning movement day, creating educational materials, and anything else that the council deems a priority.

● Purposefully exists as a separate leadership group from the GRCA board, as a way to hold the board accountable and to create additional pathways to GRCA leadership.

● Has an automatic seat on the GRCA board every year in order to guarantee leadership and power within the GRCA continues to shift towards those who experience marginalization within the GRCA and beyond it.

Who is on the Caucus Advisory Council? When and how are they selected?

● Members of the Caucus Advisory Council will be elected annually during the GRCA Conference Annual Member Meeting. Any member of the GRCA can nominate themselves or someone else as long as the nominee is a member of at least one of the following caucuses*: People of Color, Trans + Gender Non-Conforming, Poor + Working Class, People w/ Disabilities, English not our First Language, Parents, Youth.

The Nominee does not have to be physically present at the conference in order to be nominated or elected.

● With the support of the nominations committee, the membership will be given a list of nominees and a short description of that nominee’s background, goals, and desire to be a part of the Caucus Advisory Council.

● Nomination are made through the nomination committee, just as all other nominations for the GRCA board.

● At the annual member meeting, membership will vote on individuals they wish to be a part of the Council. For this first year, membership chose 9 individuals to serve on the Caucus Advisory Council. 

More Details:

● The Caucus Advisory Council holds meetings once a month and its members are invited to attend the GRCA conference (with waived fees).

● They work with the GRCA board, specifically the treasurer, to create an embedded budget within the larger GRCA budget to support CAC work.

● Terms are two years with the option for Council members to renew their terms twice.

● There must be at least 7 members of the Council at all times with a maximum number of 15. Since this is the first year for the new Caucus Advisory Council members, there are nine spots on the Council in 2019. This will help with succession planning in future years. 

● The Caucus Advisory Council has complete autonomy on choosing who they elect to their reserved board slate seat every year.

● The first election for the Caucus Advisory Council took place at the 2019 conference. Those members started their term in June 2019.

*We recognize that as our movement grows and changes over time, new caucuses may be added to this list. Members of those caucuses will of course be welcome on the Caucus Advisory Council.