Girls Rock Camp Alliance


Samantha Bellach


hails from Port St. Lucie, Florida and currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona.  She currently volunteers for Girls Rock! Phoenix as a board member, guitar instructor and band coach.  Sam was a former camper at Rock and Roll Camp for Girls in Portland, Oregon in 2005 at the age of 17; her experience as a camper inspired her to continue to make music throughout her life as a critical expressive outlet.  She currently performs as guitarist and vocalist in a two-piece, Bitter Nasty, and works in medical technology, and has deep passion for social justice through teaching, medicine, and engineering-- particularly in inspiring, encouraging, and supporting others to push the envelope in their careers when it comes to educational, leadership, and technological development opportunities.  

Maya Cortez


is based in Los Angeles. She enjoys playing music and coming up with creative ideas to enable people to create music. She is a soup enthusiast and believes that Girls Rock Camps will change the world.

Prosper Hedges


is a writer and organizer from Atlanta, Georgia in the US who now lives in Chicago, Illinois. They work in abortion access and in the food service industry and are passionate about cross-movement collaboration, especially in the Global South!, poetry and friendship (duh!). They served as Communications Director and later co-chair with Magnolia Fund, a then-member of the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF), and served as Magnolia Fund’s delegate in regional organizing with NNAF’s Southern Funds Cohort. They helped sunset Magnolia Fund and redistributed its resources to a sister fund in the Southern United States during their time as a member of the freshman cohort of NNAF’s Movement Makers Leadership Development program and remain dedicated to the interconnected work of their co-conspirators in Movement Makers and across the many communities NNAF members survive and thrive. They also co-edit a zine and co-produce a podcast with their best friend, both called Spellbook. They believe that art is powerful and resistance is magic.

Emily Robinson


is a Richmond, Virginia transplant from East Tennessee. She is a full-time Hotline Crisis Services Specialist and Volunteer Coordinator with the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance, Richmond's statewide anti-violence coalition. A co-founder of Knoxville Girls Rock Camp, she now organizes with Girls Rock! RVA in addition to serving on the GRCA board. She is currently studying towards Deep Listening certification through the Center for Deep Listening at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, founded by Pauline Oliveros. She has been playing music -- mostly experimental, heavy metal, and punk music -- for over twenty years.

Lana Welchman


is one of the founders of Yukon Girls Rock Camp who brought the idea of increasing the number of girls in music through the rock camp model to the Dawson City Music Festival in 2014. Primarily a self-taught musician, Lana sings, plays guitar, drums, bass, & keyboards and can be seen playing shows around Dawson City, Yukon with WhoaBear! – a band formed with her sister in 2012. Born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada Lana now calls Dawson City, in Tro’ndëk Hwech’in traditional territory, home. When not ‘rock campin’, Lana is an Exercise Therapist and Therapy Aid at a Seniors' Home.

Saman Saffron


first volunteered with Girls Rock! DC in 2012, and rock camp organizing, with a focus on supporting youth leadership, is now the joy of her life. She cares about many things, but mostly racial & gender justice, community-based education, accessibility, and liberation. Saman identifies as a queer Iranian Muslim femme of color, which means she talks about matriarchy (aka her grandmothers) all the time. She is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, currently performing with her band Honey and as a solo musician, and is always ready to discuss assimilation, enneagrams, and astrology.

Sabrina Sierra


Sabrina was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area in a very multicultural and musical family. Initially, she got involved with Bay Area Girls Rock Camp as an Instrument Instructor and Band Coach and then served on staff as the Program and Volunteer Coordinator for a few years. She has a BA in Community Studies with an emphasis in Politics of Culture and is currently working on an MA in Integral Counseling Psychology, approaching work in this field from decolonial & queer perspectives. Previously, Sabrina worked in community radio, was a core organizing member of the West Oakland art space LoBot Gallery, and has also worked with organizations focusing on media literacy, body image, self-esteem, and social and emotional learning for youth. In her spare time, she volunteers as a crisis line counselor, propagates succulents, and works on a handful of musical projects.

Audrey Silvestre


is a queer feminist from Los Angeles, California. She is a member of the editorial collective at The Feminist Wire and co-publisher at Third Woman Press. She holds a B.A. in Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies and is a doctoral student at the Cesar E. Chavez Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies at UCLA.

Selena Simić


I spent a lot of years on the music scene and I’ve seen how female musicians are being discriminated on many levels. And I have decided to change that through my activism and work on Girls’ Rock Camp Serbia. I want to encourage girls and women to play rock music and inspire their empowerment. I believe that joining the GRCA board could be beneficial for both sides because I could share my experience and hear experiences from other girls all around the globe. I strongly believe that women are more powerful together and that real changes come if we (girls and women) are united!

Sofie Søndervik Sæther


Hi, my name is Sofie, I'm 29 years old and live in Oslo, Norway. My interest in girls rock camps started when my mom gave me a book called ”Rock n roll camp for girls” when I was about 16 and playing in my first band in the basement. I was just a bit too old for the book, but it made me aware of the amazing concept, and planted the idea of helping create a similar project in Norway. Almost ten years later I met a lot of other people with the same dream, and I was able to help start Norway’s first Girls Rock Camp. Since then the project has continued to grow both in Norway and internationally, and I feel so privileged to be able to work with it almost every day. In the board of GRCA I hope to be able to contribute with my ideas, my experience with funding, project development, design and international cooperation. I would love to be able to strengthen the links and cooperation with GRCA Europe and all the camps here, and if I get elected I can’t wait to learn from the amazing team that is the board and the committees.

Jen Stevens



Casey Vendel


is a mixed race queer living in Charleston, South Carolina. Jen first got involved with the rock camp movement in 2013 when a friend recommended she volunteer at the Carolina Youth Action Project (formerly known as Girls Rock Charleston) summer camp. After that summer, Jen spent the next four years helping organize CYAP’s annual camp. Jen was a member of the Girls Rock Camp Alliance’s Nominations Committee for 2 years prior to joining the GRCA board in 2016. During her time on the board, Jen has worked with the Communications Committee, Membership Engagement Committee, and Executive Committee. While she spends her days working at the College of Charleston, Jen is much more interested in building an international and intersectional movement of rock camps and programs worldwide. When not organizing with the dreamy folks at the Girls Rock Camp Alliance, Jen can be found reading about the Enneagram (she’s a type 1), creating documents in Google Drive, bowling, or taking photographs of doors.

is a former Iranian refugee living in Stockholm, Sweden. She is a rock throwing human rights activist and she works for a municipality as a communications assistant and a translator. In addition to serving on the GRCA board she serves on Popkollo Stockholm’s board. When she is not engaging in political activism she likes to decorate cakes, talk to plants, workout, write and read poetry and pet animals.

Celina Williams


is a librarian, writer, and organizer in Richmond, VA. When she's not planning the next Annual Richmond Zine Fest and scheming ways to support and amplify other marginalized voices, she dabbles in poetry, printmaking, and tarot reading. She spends workdays and meetings wishing she could be hiking along rivers, playing with her kitten Howl, or sleeping. Today her favorite pie is blueberry.

Savhanna Wilson


is a community organizer based on traditional Metis and Cree territories in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. She works a freelance project and campaign manager, plays as a bassist and/or vocalist (sometimes both), organizes as a board member of Girls Rock Saskatoon, postulates as a co-host of the only Feminist Talk Radio programme in Saskatchewan, and carouses as a (very) regular at her local karaoke bar. She's an avid gamer and believer in magic. She's also a Capricorn, but her moon is in Leo.