Girls Rock Camp Alliance


The Girls Rock Camp Alliance is an international membership network of youth-centered arts and social justice organizations. We provide resources and space for community building to our membership in order to build a strong movement for collective liberation.


Points of Unity


We believe that youth are inherently powerful. We work to support youth leadership in our

programs and communities.



Our work is a direct attempt to amplify voices that have otherwise been told to be silent. Music, art, and creative expression are our tools in building a loud, celebratory, and formidable movement. We do not use these tools by accident; we use them because music and creative expression are accessible, community-based, collaborative, and political.

我们的工作试图直接放大那些被迫沉寂的声音。我们以 音乐,艺术和创造性表达为工具, 建立一个响亮的,庆祝性的并令人钦佩的运动。音乐和创造性表达并非我们随意选择的工 具,因为它们易于接近,扎根于社区,强调协作又与政治相关。


Our work is political. We work to dismantle intersecting systems of oppression and acknowledge that they do not affect us all equally. Our work must be led and built by those most impacted by systemic oppression and colonization.

我们的工作与政治息息相关。 我们努力瓦解错综复杂的压迫制度,并承认这些制度给人们 带来不平等的影响。我们的工作必须要由最受压迫制度和殖民化影响的人们领导和建立。


Gender is fluid, expansive, and cannot be contained within a binary. Trans and gender non-conforming people have always been and always will be an integral part of our movement. Our work must center those who experience marginalization because of their gender identity and expression. 性别是不固定的,发展的,更不仅仅是二元的。跨性别和性别表现不一致者一直而且永远 是我们运动不可或缺的一部分。我们的工作必须以那些因性别认同和表达而遭受边缘化的 群体为中心。


In order for our movement to be effective it must be physically, financially, and linguistically accessible. We strive to make sure all those who wish to do this work have what they need to thrive. 为了使我们的运动达到预期效果,我们要消除身体,经济和语言上的障碍。我们要努力确 保所有希望参与这项运动的的人们拥有他们获得成功所需的资源。


Though we are often told otherwise, we believe there is room for all of us to be leaders. We do not fear scarcity and we believe in abundance. Our work benefits from sharing power and leadership within our movement.

与人们常常提及的相反,我们相信所有人都可以成为领导者。我们不惧匮乏,相信丰足。 我们的工作将受益于我们在运动中相互分享的权力和领导力。


Our work must be adaptable and willing to shift. We are committed to continually remaking ourselves, and boldly engaging the discomfort of change and transition. We are constantly learning how to challenge systemic oppression and how to love each other better.

我们的工作必须要灵活且乐于改变。我们致力于不断重塑自己,并勇敢面对变革和转换带 来的不安。我们将不断学习如何挑战系统性的制度压迫以及如何更好地相互爱护。


We are not alone and our work transcends borders. Our collective power is grounded in our membership and the communities our members come from and work with. We can hear each other across oceans and the landscapes we call home, and we work in solidarity with each other and other liberation movements.

我们并不孤单,我们的工作超越国界。我们集体的力量植根于我们成员以及他们所来自或 服务的社群。我们能够跨越大洋和故乡的山河听见彼此的声音,我们互相团结协作并一起 声援其它解放运动。


Authentic relationship building is the work. We are better equipped to support and fight for our youth when we care for and value one another.

我们要努力建立真诚的联系。因为,只有当我们关心和珍惜彼此时,我们才准备好去支持 我们的青少年们,并为他们而斗争。


We must hold ourselves and each other accountable. There is power in transformation, forgiveness, and healing. We believe that we can teach each other and learn together.
We believe that joy is a revolutionary force.

我们必须坚持对自己和彼此负责。变革,宽恕和愈合中蕴藏着力量。我们坚信我们可以互 相教导并相互学习。我们笃定,快乐具有革命性的力量。



Board of Directors

Jen Stevens, Charleston, South Carolina, USA
Emily Robinson, Richmond, Virginia, USA
Samantha Bellach, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Savhanna Wilson, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Casey Vendel, Stockholm, Sweden
Saman Kamgar-Parsi, Washington, DC, USA
Mayra Cortez, Los Angeles, California, USA
Prosper Hedges, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Celina Williams, Richmond, Virginia, USA
Sofie Sondervik Saether, Oslo, Norway
Sabrina Sierra, Oakland, California, USA
Lana Rose, Yukon, Ontario, Canada
Selena Simic, Belgrade, Serbia

Learn more about the board here


Mel Hsu, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA (Conference Logistics Coordinator)



Shifting Power Committee

GRCA’s Shifting Power Committee (SPC), creates tools for liberatory leadership and provides resources for movement building. We are made up of board members and non-board GRCA leadership. SPC focuses on political education, facilitating identity caucuses and solidarity working groups, prioritizing conference accessibility, and centering leadership by those most impacted by intersecting structures of oppression. We strive to move power towards traditionally oppressed communities and identities and away from dominant power structures.

At the GRCA, we strive to shift leadership towards our membership, people of color - particularly black and indigenous people, trans and gender non-conforming folks, people with disabilities, neurodiverse people, poor and working class people, queer folks, femmes and feminine people, fat people and people of size, and people outside the U.S. and the West.

Research Committee

The GRCA Research Committee gathers, organizes, and interprets data to support the GRCA’s functioning. This includes the collection and organization of data for the Annual Member Meeting at the GRCA Conference, collecting and interpreting conference evaluation data, and conducting research projects to inform GRCA board decisions. The Research Committee also updates and distributes the Annual Report form to membership.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee shares the work of the GRCA, GRCA board committees, and member organizations across digital media. Comm Comm celebrates the work of our network through social media and provides logistical information, deadlines, and leadership opportunities in the GRCA newsletter. Comm Comm is also the point committee for the GRCA Toolkit and press inquiries, and coordinates the Docu-Team at the annual international conference.

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee has been newly added as the GRCA Board has seen the need to expand and grow by incorporating fundraising strategies into its overall plan, but we can’t do this work alone. That’s where you come in! We would love for members to join the Fundraising Committee and strategize about what would work best for each individual’s capacity and the GRCA’s overall mission.

The Fundraising Committee exists to build capacity for member camps to attend the annual GRCA Conference who are not financially able to on their own. The Board is currently budgeting for two scholarships annually, but we would like to expand our scholarship opportunities by strategically planning and building up the Fundraising Committee.

Member Engagement Committee

The Member Engagement Committee provides opportunities and resources to engage and support members in the GRCA movement locally and globally. The Committee aims to strengthen lines of communication between the GRCA board and committees and member organizations with the intention of building community and providing transparency in our processes and procedures. The committee also facilitates the membership application process, including reviewing the application and publishing, preparing applications for the board’s review, and creating a timeline for approval and notification of application status.

nominations committee

Learn more about Nom Comm here