Girls Rock Camp Alliance

2018 Conference Tracks + Workshop Information

Thank you for your interest in doing a workshop at the 2018 GRCA conference! We are excited to provide space and resources for you to share your knowledge and skills within our movement! Below you will find useful information about tracks, logistics, contact information and the 2018 Workshop proposal form.

Creating Community

The Girls Rock movement is all about creating an inclusive, fun and compassionate community for our program participants, volunteers and staff. In this track, we will discuss how to create that warm-fuzzy community vibe for our own camps. The workshops will help both veteran and new camps work through ideas such as creating community both in programs and year round, creating equitable communities, preventing burnout and handling conflict within your community.

Coordinated by: Sam Stahlmann from She Rock She Rock, She Rock She Rock in Twin Cities, Minnesota +  Sarah Reagan from Girls Rock Fort Worth, Fort Worth, TX

Radical Approches to Music

The goal of this track is to broaden and challenge the ways that we think about and hear music, so we can continue to offer a radical approach to music in both abstract and tangible forms at camp. Themes may include: exploring musical roots and traditions from around the world, examining the role of music in social justice movements and political resistance, sharing music education tools, resources, and techniques, and making music through skill sharing, mini-lessons, and jamming.

Coordinated by: Emily Robinson from Girls Rock Richmond and the GRCA board

New Camp Track + Cohort

The New Camp Track’s mission is help new organizers with interactive and explanatory workshops that provide tangible resources and tons of information to better prepare you to embark on the wild and rewarding journey of starting a camp! This track hopes to provide attendees not only with activities and guidance through their new camp experience but also to form a network of organizers that are going through the same process at the same time. 

Coordinated by: Nora Allen-Wiles from Girls Rock Boston, Boston MA

Praxis: Political Education in Action

This series of workshops will dissect the ways that institutional oppression impacts interpersonal relationships in the everyday world and at camp. Once examined, we will identify real life, in the moment actions that can be taken to disrupt, transform and heal harmful dynamics shaped by cultural incompetence. Participants will discuss praxis on a personal, organizational and programmatic level. We will explore and discuss inclusionary practices that have been successful at Bay Area Girls Rock and other rock camps while exploring how they can be applied to camps worldwide. 

Coordinated by Shawna Scroggins and Sepand Mashiahof from Bay Area Girls Rock Camp.

General Track

This track is designed to accommodate any session or meet up proposal that is unique in it’s kind thematically. The GRCA welcomes all topics that align with our mission and conference theme.

Coordinated by: Mayra Cortez / The GRCA Board

Shifting Power Track

We must resist co-optation by the oppressive systems of sexism, racism, transphobia, xenophobia, ableism, classism, (and more) that we seek to dismantle by building unity in our foundations and clarifying our visions of collective liberation. This track is a place to share curriculum, i.e. those awesome social justice workshops you facilitate at your camp; your radical organizational models; the amazing movement organizing work you do in addition to Girls Rock; the successes and failures in your local movements and how they intersect with Rock Camp organizing; beginning and advanced allyship skills; strategies for and stories of collaborations, coalitions, and more.

Coordinated by: The GRCA Shifting Power Committee